Microsoft today launched a new Diagnostic Data Viewer app for first growing to Windows Insiders that allows users to view all the characteristic data that’s being by Windows .

The new Diagnostic Data Viewer will display different of characteristic data collected by the OS. This involves Common Data your OS version, device ID/type, etc., Device Connectivity and Form data device capabilities, user settings, peripherals and interface info, Product and Service Performance device health, production, reliability data, Product and Service Usage data on usage of device, apps, OS, and Software Setup and Index update data. The app includes a search column that lets you search for specific .

Along with the new Diagnostic Data Viewer, Microsoft is starting an improved Privacy Dashboard for all Microsoft Accounts that lets users view their account’s Project History, consisting of data that’s been collected from your Windows 10 device. If you have a Cortana-powered speaker, it will also let you listen to all the records of what Cortana heard when you activated Hey Cortana with your voice.

Microsoft has been under a lot of fire concerning Windows 10’s early privacy problems, though the company gave users with greater control over their privacy in recent Windows 10 updates. The new Diagnostic Data Viewer is absolutely a step forward, and it will be coming to all Windows 10 users someday in March or April when the organization releases Windows 10 Redstone 4.

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