This month for our we picked three popular libraries that are helpful for adding functional types to projects, working with various time values, and validating text input fields.


Kategory is a library for typed functional programming in Kotlin. It includes the most popular types, type classes, and abstractions, such as Option, Try, Either, IO, Functor, Applicative, and Monad.

When to use:

When you need to use a lot of functional types in your project.


Time library GitHub

The Time library is for you if you’ve ever written something like val duration = * 00 to represent a duration of 10 seconds (in milliseconds), because most methods in Kotlin/Java take duration parameters in milliseconds. It means that Time provides type-safe time calculations in Kotlin, powered by generics.

When to use:

When you’re working with time values.


RxValidationTextinputLayout library mentioned in GitHub digest by Yalantis

This library is the easiest way to bring validation to EditText with TextInputLayout. This solution brings a flexible API and a reactive approach to user input handling.

When to use:

When you need to validate text input fields.

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