After upgrading from 3 to 4, someone told me they could not
files in on of our public, password protected, Nextcloud shares.

I tried it myself and saw the same problem:
After entering the password to the , the gallery page
and the first couple of images would load.
The rest of the images were not visible.
When reloading the page, I had to provide the password again.

I upgraded to Nextcloud 15 in the hope that it would solve the error,
but it did not.
I only got into more trouble and had to
manually fix IMAP login
after upgrading.


  1. The gallery index page loads

  2. At least the first image loads, but not all

  3. All other images return a HTTP 401 status code and the following JSON:

    {"message":"Missing password","":false}


When using a private browser window, it worked.

It also began to work when deleting all cookies via the browser

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