Content or Design: Which Comes First?

Some believe content needs to come first and others think its design that has to be made first. This is a debate that could go on and on, just like the “chicken or egg” question. What you are going to read next might surprise you. The answer is principles. It’s neither content or design. Principles provide a framework for all other decisions. Without having a framework in place, having content or designs ready would not be of much help. After all, brands are founded on principles: a mission, a vision, and a promise. Each of these things requires underlying beliefs to animate them and to make them relevant to others.

Systematic Design

A design’s depends on a systematic, scalable, and cohesive approach across a brand’s many outputs and environments. Creating a design system that helps translate brand aesthetics and approaches to functionality into modular components that can be mixed and matched to any UI’s unique needs is a must. Having a systemized design in place simplifies decision-making, cuts down on development times, and frees up designers to work on higher-profile projects where design patterns haven’t already been established.

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