Hey everyone,
I’m gearing to launch a in a key city or two. I have the MVP/beta build ready, but would like to add one more feature prior to launching:

My site is actually a B2B platform, but it doubles as a B2C with a front end that allows to discover , share and rate. Similar to TripAdvisor and a ton of others.

While not the primary monetization point, I do have B2C included. With a 3rd party dedicated page for flights/hotels/cars (the generic “” model).

However, I’m looking to add a means for subscribing business account holders to attach their booking link directly on their profile page if they are a lodging business. Even if via another 3rd party like TripAdvisor.

So that a hotel profile on OUR site has a “book now button” that can be added easily via a link by the profile owner, that links to existing booking means.

Does anyone know of anything ?


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