Don’t worry just appeal to them and provide documents regarding the authenticity of the website used (if the violation is alluding to you using a website without permission), cause mine was similar. Within 3 days you will be met with a reply from a real human and if all goes well, your will be reinstated and your removed from your account. The tough part is that you admob(if any) will suspend that particular and once your appeal gets approved you can appeal for the admob app suspension removal also but,

And here comes the frustrating part. Your admob app suspension removal appeal will be easily approved once your app is reinstated and you show them proof saying “Well google play reinstated my app” but the Admob will take like 30 days or so to read, accept and reinstate your ad-serving to you app again. I have no idea why, but this was what happened to me. It seems either to be a lack of human resources or a lag from the admob team to read appeals more faster or so. Either way no big deal dude. Just appeal to them with authenticating documents.

For example : – If the spam issue is regarding any doubts in the authenticity of the site in use (Web view) Just host a signatory letter in the site hosting and provide the link as well as the letter claiming you have rights to use the website in you application.

Thumbs up You’ll get you app reinstated.

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