I want to test a website where:
) you can buy events or classes (i.e. music classes or outdoor activities). 2) you don't buy an event with money but with credits (e.g. a music class costs 3 credits, a concert costs 0 credits). 3) you get credits through a monthly subscription (e.g. you pay 25$ and you get 00 credits).

How would you build an MVP?
I'm a software engineer working on my free time to this project. I'm working as scientist, so I'm not too much into web dev (even if I created in the past a small webapp with laravel/php). I'm very familiar with python and I started exploring Django but I'm really willing to explore different tools/services/technologies to shorten the dev time.
Shopify? Is it flexible enough?
WordPress? Is it enough and not too expensive?
Anything else? I'd really like to have something quick and dirty I can test (yes, I already launched a landing page to collect emails, now I want to test the real product).

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