Last month, Mozilla filed a petition upon the for its unexpected decision to overturn the 2015 Internet because we think it violates law and harms internet users and innovators.

We said that we thought the filing date should be later while the timing appeared clear in the December 2017 draft class from the FCC, federal law is more obscure. We urged the FCC to determine the later date was relevant, but we filed on January 16 because we are not taking any chances on a matter of this importance.

On Friday, the FCC filed to drop this suit and need us to refile after the order has been printed in the Federal Register, as we had anticipated.

We will always strive to protect the open internet and will remain to challenge the FCC’s decision to stop net neutrality in the courts, in Congress, and with our partners and internet users.

The FCC’s conclusion to destroy net neutrality rules is the result of broken means, broken politics, and broken policies. It will end the internet as we know it, harm internet users and small businesses, consume free speech, competition, innovation and user in the process. In fact, it really only helps large Internet Service Providers.

We will re-file our suit into the FCC at the relevant time days after the order is announced in the Federal Register.

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