Back when Bitcoin was first launched, it was met with a wide range of reactions. Some were hopeful for the future of cryptocurrencies and the potential for future development in technology, assuming the digital currency spurred enough interest to drive more eyes and development dollars to various projects. At the opposite end of the spectrum were those initially doubtful of the potential of this approach to decentralised potential wealth to the point of parody. Dogecoin was initially launched as nothing more than a joke meant to poke fun at the apparent insanity of a currency backed up by nothing but faith.

The Surprise Rise of Cryptocurrency Value

Five years later, Dogecoin is now collectively worth several billion dollars. What started off as a jab at cryptocurrency has begun raising questions about the future of blockchain technology in the public eye. At some level, most any cryptocurrency will a point of some infinitesimally small value over time. Hitting a penny per share is slightly more unusual, let alone a combined total value higher than the GDP of some extremely small countries.

Speculation and investing into currencies on the off-chance they rise in value in a way not unlike Ethereum or 230;

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