Hackers everywhere have spent the last couple of weeks building the remarkable V that they got for the holidays, but [Kat & Asa Miller] decided to go an extra step for realism: they built a stand with LED lights to simulate launch. To get the real feel of blast off, they used pillow stuffing, a clear acrylic tube and a string of NeoPixel LEDs. These are driven by an Adafruit Trinket running code that [Asa] wrote to create the look of a majestic Saturn V just lifting off the launchpad with the appropriate fire and fury.  They initially were not sure if the diminutive Trinket would have the oomph to drive the LEDs, but it seems to work fine, judging by the video that you can see after the break.

They also made a clamp that holds the tall model in place from clear acrylic to make sure that they did not, as they put it, “unintentionally recreate one of those early SpaceX landings (you know the ones… where it over and explodes).”. Kudos to [Kat and Asa] on a neat build and a nice write up, but where are the speakers and sub-woofer to create the earth- shaking sound of the real thing?

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