One of the most powerful things about R is the ecosystem that has emerged around it. In addition to the R language itself and the many packages that extend it, you have a network of users, developers, governance bodies, software and service providers that provide in technical information and support, companion applications, training and implementation services, and more.

I gave the talk above at the useR! conference last year, but never posted the slides before because they weren’t particularly useful without the associated talk track. Mark Sellors from Mango has thankfully filled the gap with his new Field Guide to the R Ecosystem. This concise and useful document (which Mark introduces here) provides an overview of R and its packages and APIs, developer tools, connections, commercial vendors of R, and the user and developer community. The document assumes no background knowledge of R, and is useful for anyone thinking of getting into R, or for existing R users to about the resources available in the wider ecosystem. You can read Field Guide to the R Ecosystem at the link below.

Mark Sellors: Field Guide to the R Ecosystem


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