There’s been a lot of noise in the last few years around accelerators – whether focused or agnostic – and the reality is, most accelerators are established to really help early-stage companies take their first step on the ladder.

But what happens after that? What happens after you raise your first seed round or you don’t grow as fast as you think you should?

That’s the reason why we launched Startupbootcamp Scale. It’s a program that’s designed to help entrepreneurs – specifically those who have already started their path to – and are now looking to grow fast and turn their into solid companies. We’re talking about startups that are post-accelerator stage, which may have already raised their first seed round and are now looking to grow as fast as they can, in the best way they can.

Startupbootcamp Scale has been created to these growth stage companies. It’s a non-residential program which runs over a period of six months and looks at businesses who are in need of that targeted advice, and mentoring that will help them grow faster and reach that ‘hockey stick curve’ that we all want to see them get to.

The idea for Startupbootcamp Scale grew from a recognition that there is a necessity to focus on addressing the needs of startups with validated business models. An innovation program like this doesn’t currently exist and we felt that there was a demand from both sides of the market – corporate organisations and startup companies alike – to build one that is specifically targeted at working with companies looking to scale their businesses.

We believe that there is a particular need in emerging markets for a program such as Scale. Mexico City has a bubbling entrepreneurial ecosystem; an established venture capital industry and a collaborative open financial sector, with unique connections to the US. After the success of our first FinTech accelerator program in Latin America (based in Mexico City), we feel that the location provides the ideal environment. Situated within a great community, that is home to a vast number of startups ready for something more, we will help FinTech companies overcome the barriers which currently exist to entrepreneurship across the region. Combined with our industry knowledge and intimate understanding of key markets, we are equipped to deliver a program that benefits both startup companies and corporate sponsors.

Startups in Latin America are in need of the right toolkit to further develop and expand their businesses, and even more, the possibility to work side-by-side with the financial industry as a way to advance innovation and economic development. With Startupbootcamp Scale, we hope to remove some of the pain that comes alongside these types of challenges and bring inclusive and innovative digital financial services to every corner of Latin America.

We’re really looking forward to welcoming and working with the entrepreneurs who will join us on this new venture.

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