Jared Spool

March 2nd,


This week is your last chance to register for the best UX of 2018.

UX Immersion:Interactions in ​Newport Beach, ​CA​, March​ 5—7. Aside from it being the best conference experience you’ll have this year, here’s​ six other reasons to​​​ register today:

  • Two Day-long Workshops: Choose two fantastic interactive workshops to practice new techniques and strengthen your design skills.
  • One Day of Featured Talks: Hear the latest ideas and techniques around UX from our team of experts plus a new keynote from me.
  • Complete Conference Materials: You’ll get PDFs for every session and workshop.
  • Exclusive Slack Team: You’ll get an invitation to join the Slack team dedicated to ​UX Immersion, to connect with speakers and other attendees.
  • 30 Days of Premium to ’s All You Can Learn Library: Start your UX learning before you even get to ​UX Immersion. You’ll have access to over ​300​ virtual seminars and conference recordings.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner , and Receptions with your peers:​ ​Plenty to eat and drink, including breakfast every day. While you eat, UX practitioners who, just like yourself, face the same challenges and are discovering new .

What are you waiting for? Register now for the event that will forever change the way you design.

​I’m excited to s​ee you in ​Newport Beach next week.


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