KB4_REST_API.png is to announce the introduction of a new , APIs. APIs enable you to customize and obtain reports by integrating with other business systems that present data from your KnowBe4 Console. 

With the REST API, you can build custom to showcase a variety of statistics including trained users, users that haven’t completed compliance requirements, users at highest risk, the results of the most recent phishing test, or correlate user Phish-prone percentage(™) with their activities, and so much more.

Leveraging KnowBe4 APIs gives you flexibility to automate and customize how your phishing and training performance metrics are presented to your management team or Board of Directors. With Reporting APIs you can:

  • Save time by automating complex reporting tasks
  • Integrate with enterprise BI to showcase the efficacy of your security awareness
  • Import user data into HR or Performance Management platforms to track employees’ history of course completions or failed phishing tests

Reporting APIs are available to all customers at Platinum and Diamond subscription levels.

Support Documentation:


Check out the full details along with samples requests in our API Guide here:  

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