May 2,

A new app from Sago Sago is helping younger kids to live out a dream of living on their own. As you could probably tell by the name, Sago Mini lets children explore a building with on each floor.

Sago Mini Apartment

Designed for kids 2-5, the game has seven fun floors with a new friend and activity one each level.

Some of the different activities include an exercises room, workshop, kitchen, loft, and even an ice cream shop. Each of the environments have fun and interactive elements for kids to with and use their imaginations while even improving their hand-eye coordination.

Sago Mini Apartment is designed for the and all iPad models and can be downloaded now on the App Store. Just like the other Sago apps, the title is completely kid-friendly with no in-app purchases or third-party advertising.

It can also be played with an Internet connection, making it great for a long road trip or plane ride.

Sago Sago is one of the best developers of children’s apps on the App Store, and Sago Mini Apartment is another title parents should check out for their kids. While it has some educational content, its mostly a great way for younger kids to just have fun and interact with the lineup of wacky characters.

Sago Mini Apartment

Sago Mini Apartment

Sago Mini

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