It’s been 2018 for 17 days now and CES is wrapping up another great show in Las Vegas. It’s clearly become a global stage for innovation; Over 4000 exhibitors coming from all around the world to showcase their gadgets.

This year Startupbootcamp joined CES with three Monument, Thread in Motion and LiateR supported by one of our Managing Directors, Raph Crouan, Startupbootcamp IoT. They unveiled new product features and made some exciting announcements. We caught up with Ecran, Co-Founder at Monument and Kadir, CEO and Co-Founder at Thread In Motion to get some insights into the fair. 

Chasing the “Next Big Thing”

If you were an user in 2017 then you must have come across topics such as: “AR”, “VR”, “Digital Assistants”, “Drones”, “Robotics” and of course, “Blockchain” and “Bitcoin”.

Asked to describe this year’s fair, in a nutshell, Raph says: “CES18 was a more intense but also more mature edition with a particular focus on existing technologies growing into real market solutions – promising! More electric vehicles & self-driving stuff, more mature healthcare, even more, FrenchTech presence, voice everywhere & less VR/ Drones!”

New Ideas take center stage at CES

Easily one of the most talked about topics at CES was bitcoin and the hundreds of other cryptocurrencies skyrocketing in value. Crunchbase study ranks Startupbootcamp near the top of most active investors in blockchain (see below).

Ahead Of The Buzzword Curve: Finding Investors In Front Of Top Tech Trends

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Taking our cities to the next level

This year, CES also unveiled more attractions and shifted directions to new ideas for better living, higher standards.

For the first time, they had a dedicated area for products and based on the concept of smart citiesThere’s increasing focus on life-changing and life-saving innovations. A lot of disruptive . A lot of empowerment of elderly people and people with disabilities.

Control your car with a wink

Speaking of safer cities, CarWink was one of many new gadgets on show at CES. This tiny LED screen hanging on the back of your car allows you to communicate with other drivers through facial gestures as an alternative to hand gesture communications.

This only shows that technology is now woven into our lives. Businesses of any size, at any stage of their life cycle, are realizing that they have to consider it; not only to grow but to survive.


Testing your ideas on the spot

CES is the perfect place to find inspiration and pursue new business ideas. For the first time, anyone with an idea was able to test it through the services and the companies at the show. If you had an idea for a product or an app or anything, the “Design and Source Marketplace” was the place to be. This area featured more than 700 booth stands!

Startups take CES by storm

Over 20% of all exhibitors were innovative and early-stage startups ready to unveil their latest assets, form new partnerships and increase their funding opportunities.

This year, Startupbootcamp had 3 alumni exhibiting at CES.


“Alexa, tell Monument to show photos from CES”. Our alumnus, Monument, announced last week they support Alexa integration along with a new Desktop app and improved AI recognition.

With Alexa feature, we will make photo browsing a lot easier by using voice commands ie. “Alexa, tell Monument to show photos from CES”, adds Ecran, Co-Founder at Monument.

With a user base from 94 different countries and growing Monument keeps their users’ feedback at the center of their progress; These new features have been developed according to their suggestions.

Monument is now available on BestBuy. See here

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Thread In Motion

Thread In Motion is producing smart textile products that power your daily life seamlessly.

CEO and Founder, Kadir says: CES is the perfect opportunity to introduce our technology to the whole world and gather relevant feedback. We also joined other hundreds of organizations to become more knowledgeable of the latest technological developments. We revealed our smart glove at this fair for the first time.

Thread in Motion Glove

While evaluating new opportunities in the US market, Thread In Motion met with Dr. Ivan Poupyrev, Director of Engineering and Technical Projects at Google.


What to expect in 2018?

This year, we’re looking for new ideas about privacy, and how companies can help us protect our data and ourselves. We’re looking for ways to get our eyes and brains away from screens, keeping us just as connected but not as distracted or isolated.

We’re looking for gadgets that make real things better for people, to improve our lives and keep us safe. We’re hopeful that 2018 could be the year users finally control their technology rather than being controlled by it. And it looks like it started in Vegas.

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