turns into a vague concept when speaking of jobs in the environment. Programming is one of the areas where is really hard to measure and manage: a developer’s cannot be measured in trivial figures like lines of . There are various opinions about how to handle it and many management approaches, but in any case, adopting special for developers is a way to improve team’s results. Alongside with the apps designed specifically for developers, general productivity that work for everyone can also be helpful for software development .

Work management and focusing tools

Let’s start with general productivity tools that help organize the work process regardless of the type of activity you’re engaged in. Keeping track of time, controlling workflow progress, and blocking workplace distractions is important for everyone when you need to get things done.

1. actiTIME

This tool is designed for keeping control over individual and team’s time expenses, but it is also a good work management instrument. It is used both by companies and freelancers for recording time spent on work tasks, controlling project progress, analyzing performance and profitability, etc. With its rich reporting functionality, managers can always get a detailed picture of their …

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