My company is going to start moving away from Java. We currently have two apps in Java and we’re thinking about switching to , Kotlin or Flutter/Dart.

Note: this is not a language/framework discussion. We like C#/.NET and we’re pleasantly happy with it. We also liked how
both Dart and Kotlin looks. And we will move away from Java no matter what. I only want to know about stability/bugs/workflow experience

Xamarin would be a great option for us since we already use C# and .NET for almost all our projects. However, I’m a little afraid since I’ve read and heard that the Xamarin development experience is really trashy – installation bugs, cryptic errors, freezes all over, layout designer… the list goes on.

Is Xamarin still this bad? Should we stay away from it? We currently have problems only with Java – the language. We’re pretty comfortable with the rest of the workflow and we surely don’t want to spend days just fighting with the framework/IDE.

By the way, if Xamarin is this bad: is Flutter/Dart any better? Since it’s still in Beta, we fear it may suffer from the same problems (instability, bugs, etc.).

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