As the continues to grow, our team is committed to investing in the conversation around our individual & collective responsibilities to broader humanity. 

The IoT Council has declared April 9 as “IoT Day.” To this end, the IoTC has decided to convene a Webinar dedicated to “#IOTDay Social Good.”  Many of our organizations’ members prioritize corporate social responsibility programs focused on issues ranging from environmental sustainability to community engagement.  Our goal for our # will be to take a higher level, -wide dive into this topic.  We will members & key industry thought leaders to identify and bring awareness to social issues that can be solved through IoT applications. 

We will convene our Webinar on Mon, April 9, from 2-4PM ET.  We will divide the dialogue into four smaller conversations focused on the themes we have identified for IoT Social Responsibility:

• Diversity & Inclusion
• Job for an Evolving Workforce & Economy
• Infrastructure Resilience & Sustainability
• Lifestyle, Health & for Senior Citizens

We will be in touch shortly with the opportunity to RSVP for our Webinar. 

Thanks very much in advance for your participation & enthusiasm for this important industry initiative. 

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