Welcome back to another episode of this , in this episode I want to cover a topic, well a cryptocurrency, that a listener requested, as they were keen on learning more about it. Remember, you can request a topic to be covered in this by heading over to my : b21block.com, once you’re there just scroll to the bottom, click the contact link, and message me your request. On top of that, the has now been updated to reflect this , so you can now view all the show notes for past, present and future episodes on the site. So that’ll be super useful! But back to this episode, so what we’re going to be deep diving into today is – which is quoted as being the next generation blockchain, and it’s currently sitting comfortably as the eighth most valuable cryptocurrency, something which took many by surprise as it has only appeared recently. But lets dive into all within this episode, and understand what this cryptocurrency is all about.


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You can request an episode, and view all show notes over at: b21block.com.

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