The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) has led to new possibilities for air quality monitoring in the context of smart cities, according to a new report.

Navigant Research has released a new report titled “Air Quality Monitoring and Management for Smart Cities”, which analyses the market and technology trends within the , as well as city technology and policy solutions for managing air quality. It also examines significant air quality monitoring projects and case studies of deployments from across the , as well as the competitive landscape.

Industrialisation, urbanisation, economic and population growth have resulted in increasing number of vehicle use, energy consumption in cities across the world. This has led to pervasive urban air pollution. At present, many cities gauge air pollution by collecting large environmental monitoring stations, which are accurate, but high operating costs can create gaps in coverage. Moreover, the report found that sensor networks, crowdsourcing projects, machine learning, and other advanced technologies are making air pollution data more available than ever before.

Ryan Citron, research analyst at Navigant Research, said: “Due to the emergence of sensor networks, crowdsourcing projects, machine learning, and other advanced technologies and services, low-cost and hyper-localized air pollution data is more available than ever before.

“However, while sensor networks offer great promise to lower cost and quickly deployable environmental monitoring, several challenges need to be addressed, including the high total cost of deployment, potential issues around accuracy and reliability, and the current inability of some sensors to environmental regulatory standards.”

The standards and certification are expected to be increasingly vital to provide the market with assurance of the performance of the new solutions. Scalability is said to be another key for the industry; suppliers and cities will have to seek solutions to deploy larger projects.

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