Hi all,

I’ve been reading through this subreddit for the past month or so and it’s been very useful in helping me shape my approach for creating my . However, I seem to come across one obstacle that’s keeping me from moving forward. I’ve got my target audience and some potential ideas for the , but I am a huge proponent of doing to determine what product/service my startup should provide. My problem is that my target audience is a group professionals in a certain within Mexico, which aren’t necessarily easy to get in touch with given that I’m in the States and not 0% fluent in Spanish (yet). Ideally, I would like to interview (read: have a few questions answered via email) at least 5 or so professionals before moving forward.

Has anyone encountered a situation in which the target audience is a bit difficult to get in touch with? If so, did you succeed in getting in touch with a handful of them, and how?

Any would be greatly appreciated, even if this situation doesn’t necessarily apply to you!

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