A listing on ’s official webpage for a senior CPU micro-architect and designer to build a revolutionary microprocessor has fueled speculation that the company is finally going to redesign its -branded CPU architecture after more than 12 years.

Intel introduced the Core architecture in 2006, and that was an iteration of the P6 microarchitecture first introduced with the Pentium Pro in 1995. So, in some ways, Intel in 2018 is running on a 1995 design. Even though its tick/tock model called for a new microarchitecture every other year, the new architecture was, in fact, just a tweak of the old one and not a clean sheet design.

The job is based in the Intel’s Hillsboro, Oregon, facility, where all of the major development work is done. It initially said “join the Ocean Cove team to deliver Intel’s next-generation core design in Hillsboro, Oregon.” That entry has since been removed from the .

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