Hi Mohamed,


I got my OS from market place.


I use IntelIoTGatewaySoftwareSuite_core64bit. I guess this ended up W7.0.0.13


I restored .img file with win32, Rufus, and Linux disk image tools to USB disk. I tired this with multiple USBs and multiple times.

I am using a Siemens IPC ( which is a din rail PC with Core2 U9300 cpu 4 gb ram and a compact flash drive. NO SATA)


I used deploytool command to deploy after booting into the USB image. Recovery method didn’t work. I tired this multiple times.


I used  multiple ways with deploytool, but my last command line is


deploytool -d //sda –lvm 0 -lvm-size 0%VG –reset-





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