As has been discussed in this thread regarding the new discretionary layer Google is inserting specifically for Call/ features (while none exists for contact harvesting etc.), and the gaps in the privacy argument for the change:

[Discussion] Why did Google remove internet permissions requirements, but is restricting SMS/Call features ? What features are next ? • r/androiddev

Recently the developer has reported some activity at Google – a human has contacted him and they have had a discussion:

[Update] – SMS And Call Permissions: A New Hope

That discussion suggests that developers resubmit their Permissions Declaration Form, and give more details in the process, and it may be reconsidered.

In the happiness that ensues after being granted reprieve from execution, there can be much exultation and gratitude. However this does not answer what prerogative they have to institute this new process, where developers have to be at the end ? This still leave the door to them picking and choosing – approving the most vocal ones.

This does not address the question of why Google is inserting this extra discretionary layer (which in some cases is removing offline methods of doing things like SMS Backup apps for power users), when no such discretionary layer exists for contact harvesting (this simply requires only run-time permission).

Since the process of begging by developers is ongoing, I was wondering if there is some alternative means developers have available to their concerns, when humans are lacking at Google.

If you are in the EU, you have the option to air your views to Margrethe Vestager, the EU competition commissioner (who has some history of prosecuting Google) – or send her a tweet at:

Margrethe Vestager on Twitter

– E-mail:


Practically in all likelihood, even the EU competition commissioner will want the harm to first have been caused i.e. companies to be affected and fail – that will give them a better . So they will probably act after the damage has been done. Although there is no harm in contacting her.

What are the other ways for developers to get redressal where Google is unable to deliver – if you can share your points of contact etc. Those who fear they cannot speak openly against Google, can send me their suggestions privately.

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