I wanted to give you an in on an advanced method to bring traffic to your store/offer.
So, if you’ve run out of money for ad spend , here is a way (with hard work!!) for you to bring sales with NO ad spend:

The method that will be detailed here is old-school, and some of you have probably stumbled upon it somewhere in your E-Commerce journey.
Basically, you do the hard work of promoting your products through free social channels, BUT there is a very efficient way to do it, without spamming or causing any mischief. It’s plain hard work that once executed right will give you the following things:

1- Validated products that you can promote to a similar audience with much higher chances of success.
2- Free pixel fires – you can scrape some AddToCarts with no expenses, then you can start off the bat with WC ATC ad, trimming the PPE before that, which will result in faster results and less budget spent.
3- Free e-mails – if you got yourself a marketing tool to capture emails before the prospect adds to cart (Privy, Klaviyo…) then you have free emails added to your list, which you can use to remarket in the future (promote new offers and make more sales).
4- Free marketing budget – with the sales that you will get through free marketing, you will have some marketing budget to start promoting the same product on paid marketing channels.

So now I will start detailing the method and I will show you where to do that, and how you can actually scale this later on…

The method is to ask for an honest opinion of passionate people in your niche regarding your product, to make it look like you are asking for help, but eventually your interest is to promote your offer to them, undercover! 😉

The method starts with you adding 2 similar products to your store, then taking an image of each product (the best ones) and saving it to your desktop. For example, take 2 shirts with different dog designs, upload, screenshot, save screenshot to desktop.

As traffic sources we will use forums that we will find (through Google or FindAForum), Facebook and Reddit.

If you ask yourself “why forums in the 21 century?” – well, people who STILL stick around in forums in their niche are super SUPER passionate about it. This is the best audience for you right there.

Look for your niche’s forums on Google
Look for your niche’s forums on FindAForum
Look for your niche’s groups on Facebook
Look for your niche’s threads on Reddit

Once you have to the message boards described above, post the following:

Hey guys, my relative is having a birthday, and the relative is a hardcore niche enthusiast. I want to buy them a decent birthday gift to fit their passion, and I’ve stumbled upon these 2 product type and I cannot choose. Please help me, thanks 🙂
<product 1 picture> <product 2 picture>

For example:
Hey guys, my niece is having her 12th birthday and she is super crazy about butterflies. I want to buy her an appropriate gift and I thought about these 2 shirts, please help me choose 1 that might fit better, thank you so much in advance.
<shirt 1 picture> <shirt 2 picture>

DON’T put any links to your store yet, only if there are people asking you “where did you find this item/items” -> ONLY then tell them!!! As follows:

“I looked for them here, here they are link to product 1 and here link to product 2

And then you cross your fingers that they will buy.

Do it on groups, forums, threads…. There is an abundance of “free” placements on the to showcase your offers to the RIGHT and PASSIONATE audience, and this way you are staying away for a bit from the saturated FB advertising channel.

Keep repeating this process with as many products and niches as you would like. DON’T STOP with just 1 product and wait for sales, keep pushing!! Its money on the floor.

For those of you who are crushing it with marketing and your curiosity brought you till this point – here is a way to do it with some pocket money that will actually add to your marketing warfare:

1- get Ninjablaster. Just google it, and see how you can use it. The tool works perfectly for me, but use it at your own risk.

2- Go to Fiverr and get a “Reddit” gig – where a trusted user on Reddit will post your stuff for you. Dig around because there are some not really trustworthy people there, but if this section is relevant to you, you probably have enough knowledge and experience to evade them anyhow. It’s a little similar to influencer marketing in that regard.

3- Hire a VA to do it for you – but only after you’ve done it yourself, so you will know exactly how to train them and what to expect from them! You can pay a VA anything from $2 an hour for a job that not only will justify itself profit wise, but with data and validation – it’s totally worth it to hire this VA for a full time job to keep your general stores running.

4- Get LeadDyno with your Shopify store and run your own affiliate network where you will pay them per sale. You can do it for your influencer marketing as well. Get people to do the hard work of marketing for you and pay them only per sale – for newbies that read this far you don’t need it yet – the app cost and the headache at this stage is not worth it – yet…

5- Apply for Stackcommerce – make sure that you have enough traffic going through your store before your application.

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