July 23,

Happy Monday felow hashers!

Summer is the season of events, and in Berlin there are multiple events every day.  On Friday I had 3 separate blockchain events to attend: One for the opening of the Full Node coworking space, a followup afterparty for DAppCon, and the Road Show.  While I was event-hopping I was able to snag Sasha , the of the Waves platform for an on-the-spot to talk about their new contracts, his take on the future of base protocols, and the role of regulators.  Thank you Sasha for coming on the show!

You may remember that Waves is a proof-of-stake system that allows people to easily create their own crypto tokens.  We created the Analysis in Chains Nutshells using the waves platform, and if you would like some, you can sign up to our slack group and we’ll send you some to your Waves wallet!  http://www.analysisinchainspodcast.com/p/sign-up-for-slack/


Please note that the speakers in this podcast are not financial experts and are not offering financial advice


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Intro reel and music by Sebastian Rodriguez from NTRPY, http://www.ntrpy.berlin

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Keep on hashing!

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