I’m about 9 weeks away from launch and I’m highly going to the states for my girlfriend. I’ve been looking into visas and now I just have no idea what to do for health . I plan to have roughly 4 by the end of the year.

I have no clue where to even begin learning about this, or really how the American system works. In Canada we’re just issued a provincial health card and really don’t worry about it beyond that. Is there any subsidies to help out? How do I even go about not getting hustled, or what type of care to get?

Where, or how do I this process of even researching this? Is there a non-bias way to figure this out? Hopefully one of you guys know of or have created an app to help me out with this.

Edit: Also, it would be nice to understand the avg costs per-person. I know it’s probably pretty hard to predict, but anything will do. How do you guys pay per employee?

Thanks for your help.

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