A little backstory, I sometimes travel back and forth between the USA and my for family and business related .

I recently got in touch with their support team in order to ask if my device is under because of a issue I’m facing. After going through the whole process of them asking for my device serial number ect ect, they said they couldnt ship it to my present location (Philippines). I said okay no problem, I’ll just ship it to my USA home address and then from there ship it to their service center.
Here’s how they responded https://imgur.com/a/1AuJ3KK . I honestly cannot see the problem on why they can’t just ship to my USA home address even if I’m just going to get my item shipped from there to here where I am now,out of my own pocket, just because the country I’m in “isn’t supported”. Maybe they’re implying I need to fly back and then contact them from there.

And I was having fun playing Gorn.

TL;DR I fly to countries back and forth often and my Rift with me. I had issues. Asked support for help if I can file warranty. They said no, the country I’m currently in isnt supported. Offered my USA shipping address if where I am right now is a problem. Told me this https://imgur.com/a/1AuJ3KK .

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