IBM and IIT Delhi collaborate for AI researchTechnology giant IBM and Indian Institute of Technology – have formed a partnership to further research in the area of artificial intelligence.

As part of the tie-up, IIT Delhi will join the Horizons Network for a multi-year research collaboration on with the aim of discovering novel techniques which can help organizations take informed decisions by being able to logically reason with their systems. will be trained to comprehend complex questions using natural language techniques and derive new insights using domain knowledge.

“While working with AI systems, organizations require explicit reasoning and comprehension to reach a particular conclusion. We believe advancement in AI can tackle such problems,” said Michael Karasick, Vice President, Global Labs, IBM Research. “We are excited to with Delhi to focus on this area of research and empower organizations to make informed decisions by infusing key characteristics like reasoning, comprehension and in their AI systems,” he added.

With this collaboration, IIT Delhi becomes one of the select institutions in India to join the IBM AI Horizons Network (AIHN). The plan to publish their research in peer-reviewed academic journals and release datasets and open challenges to the research community to identify new areas in making AI decisions better.

V. Ramgopal Rao, Director, IIT Delhi, said “India has immense talent to accelerate innovation in AI and related technologies. We are happy to collaborate with IBM Research scientists and provide opportunities to our students and faculty colleagues to work on some of the complex problems around AI and apply the solutions to real-world scenarios.”

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