This week the incurred the worst ransomware attacks on record. To respond to the global panic, we held a webinar with Founder, Shelly Hod Moyal in conversation with David Maman, of cybersecurity company, Binah (previously Unicorn), who will be shedding light on what stands behind these latest attack. 

David Maman brings 2 years of experience in low-level development and networking. David has co-founded numerous cybersecurity over the course of his career, including Vanadium-soft, Hexatier/GreenSQL, GreenCloud, Teridion, Re-Sec, Securigo, and xPlenty. He also served as director in the office of the CTO at Fortinet (FTNT) and in an elite unit of the IDF.

In this webinar, Shelly and David discuss everything from cyber extortion to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, the darknet, and everything you need to know about WannaCry. Enjoy!

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