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This  we tracked 27 announced deals totaling $512M, including one significant round of $250M, closed by the ridesharing platform Via. On the M&A side, September saw only one exit, with Gigya being acquired by SAP for a reported $350M.

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September investment highlights


Seed Rounds

  • Axonius, a platform that helps businesses manage all of their , has raised a  $4M round led by YL Ventures, with participation from Vertex Ventures and Emerge Capital.
  • ZenCityan -based dashboard for local governments, has raised a $1.7M round, led by Canaan Partners with participation from i3 Equity Partners, GE Ventures, Pitango and others.
  • RapidUI, a design-to-web platform that automatically turns PSD and Sketch files into fully-functioning websites has raised a $1M round from private investors led by Dr. Eyal Kishon, the founder of Genesys Partners.
  • MyndYou, a company that has developed a system that tracks cognitive decline among seniors, has closed a $0.5M round led by led by Howard Lee Morgan, an American venture capitalist, with participation from Musketeer Capital and additional private investors.  


Series A Round

  • Zeitgold, a solution for financial administration of small businesses, has raised a $12M round led by Battery Ventures and Holtzbrinck Ventures. 
  • Augmedics, a developer of a smart surgical system based on augmented reality, raised a $8.3M round led by a Davos, Switzerland based AO Invest, Terra Venture Partners and other investors.
  • Panoply.io, a developer of a smart warehouse that easily transforms into analytics, has raised a $7M round led by Intel Capital, with participation from previous investor Blumberg Capital.
  • XVTEC, developer of  a world-class video encoder has raised a $5M round led by Socionext. 
  • Siga, SCADA cyber security & anomaly detection solution, raised a $3.5M round led by Canadian venture capital fund Awz Homeland Security.
  • Clinch Labs, a developer of a that would allow companies to create video ads personalized for each viewer, has raised $3M round led by Richard Gati, head of BXR Partners’ Singapore office.
  • Fidmi, a developer of novel enteral feeding device, has raised a $2.25M round led by B. Braun Melsungen AG,  with participation from The Trendlines Group Ltd., and Gordian Surgical Ltd.
  • Yofix, a Plant-based Platform for Pro-biotic Foods, has raised $2M round led by Strauss Health and other private investors.
  • ElastiMed, a developer of a smart sock, that improves circulation in the legs for the treatment of venous and lymphatic diseases, has raised $1M round led by previous investors  Trendlines Group and Pix Vine Capital.


Series B Rounds

  • MeMed, a developer of a solution that accurately distinguishes between bacterial and viral infections and reduces the use of antibiotics, has announced that it has raised a $30M, up to date from Horizon Ventures, Social Plus Capital, WTI and other investors.
  • Aqua Security, a cybersecurity solution that protects containers that are used as the building blocks of the new coding environment, has raised a $25M round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners with participation from Microsoft Ventures, TLV Ventures and Shlomo Kramer.
  • Magenta Medical, a company that offers a therapy aimed at managing congestion through fluid and salt removal, has raised a $15M round from Abiomed Inc., Pitango Venture Capital, Japanese venture capital firm JAFCO and other investors.
  • Aquarius Engines, a developer of an economical and efficient engine, has raised a $10M round out of a planned $25M in the following year, from Glenrock investment company, Marius Nacht, Shlomo Elia, and other angels.
  • DouxMatok, a company that has found a way to make sugar more efficient so people can eat less of it and still gets the same effect, has raised $8.1M round led by Pitango.
  • Enlivex, a clinical-stage immunotherapy company, has raised a $10M round led by Korea Investment Partners (KIP) with participation from Hadasit Bio Holdings Ltd.
  • EdenShield, a developer of natural, nontoxic products designed to protect crops against insect damage, has raised a $2M round led by Kibbuz Yotvata with participation from OurCrowd.


Growth/Miscellaneous Rounds

  • Via, a ride-sharing platform has raised $250M round, Including the establishment of a joint venture with Daimler, which will launch dynamic shuttle transport services throughout Europe using Via’s technology.
  • PlayBuzz, a digital content company that aims to help publishers create content for the “Snapchat generation,” has closed a $35M round led by Viola Growth with participation from existing investors including Disney, Saban Ventures, 83North, Carmel Ventures, firstime and Oded Vardi.
  • Airobotics, a developer of autonomous drones for the enterprise sector, has raised a $32.5M round led by BlueRun Ventures China, with participation from Microsoft Ventures, OurCrowd and other investors. 
  • Talkspace, an online therapy company, has raised a $31M round led by Qumra Capital with the participation of existing investors including Norwest Venture Partners, Spark Capital, SoftBank, Compound Ventures and FirstTime.
  • Elastifile, an enterprise cloud data management company, has raised $16M round led by Western Digital Capital. 
  • Colospan, a medical device company developing solutions for preventing clinical leaks, has raised $7.7M round led by Triventures Fund with participation from existing investors, Clal Biotechnology Docor and Amit Technion.


M&A and IPO

  • Gigya, a company that helps online properties manage customer identities and profiles, was acquired by SAP for a reported $350M.


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Avi Arnon

Avi Arnon is an analyst in the iAngels Investment Team. Prior to iAngels, Avi was a Privatization Director at the Israeli Ministry of Finance (MOF). Prior to the MOF, Avi was Assistant Controller at SundaySky and an Excel Consultant working with a range of companies, from early stage startups to publicly traded corporations, implementing financial Excel infrastructure

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