Hey there, I’m an IT apprentice at a high school, and my boss bought a Mixed Realithy headset to show off “the future” to the students or something.
The task of actually showing them the future falls on me.

I’ve been looking around, and from what I’ve seen, all the cool games I’ve heard of seems to be for the Oculus and Vive, and browsing the windows store, I’ve found… not a lot! It doesn’t even have a VR category!

So I figured I could ask for for games here.
My boss has a few things he wanted me to keep in mind:

  • Little downtime, the games should be quick to start, so not a lot of menus if possible. The absolute ideal thing would be to have them launch directly from the Windows house.
  • Easy, the games should be easy and intuitive enough that anyone can put on the headset, pick up the controllers and just go without having to play a tutorial or listen to a long explaination.
  • Free/cheap. We’re really stingy now after the headset apparently. But Boss Man’s reasoning is that we’re not showing this off to enthusiasts, we’re showing it off to the common person who is more easily impressed, so it doesn’t have to be the newest, shiniest games, they can be a bit toss as long as the novelty can carry it.

For actual games, he’s mentioned three things I should definitely look for:

  • A driving simulator kind of thing
  • A shooter
  • Something like Tiltbrush, but compatible with the WMR headset.

Finally, some notes:
My boss really loves the Windows Mixed house thing where you can walk up to Minecraft and it instantly opens Minecraft. He also doesn’t trust Steam VR because the other apprentice left it open one time, and my boss ended up in the wrong house and it was different and scary to him.
If there’s a way not to use Steam, or to launch games from the Windows house in the same way Minecraft does, that would save me a lot of hassle having to explain why I’m going with Steam instead of an alternative solution that may or may not exist.
I also want to weird launchers and emulators for the same reason, unless the games themselves launches quickly and easily with no weird stuff from the Windows house thing.

The actual we’ll be showing the headset off in is a big, open room, so space isn’t an issue apart from cord length, but it’s a good couple of meters. We also have a chair ready. A bucket has been suggested.
The students will play whatever game for 2-5ish minutes, and then we kick them out and let someone else play.

Any kind of info, suggestions, , whatever would be helpful! Thanks y’all in advance!

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