I am elbow deep in the process of getting my seedling company to grow. Right now, I am spending much of my time learning things about patent law, TM, copyrights, manufacturing, coding, , and all that wonderful stuff! My is soaking everything up like a good little sponge, but it would be such a relief to add some cofounders yo this insane ship I am navigating!!! I am doing all of this alone, while also being a stay at mom for my 3 kids. I desperately want to up with some “experts” in the fields that I am less familiar with, but am unsure of how to go about doing this in a relatively quick manner. I’m also looking into angel investors down every avenue. Does anyone happen to know any super-motivated, adventurous and badass people in the software development or manufacturing fields that might want to take a leap with me? I am aiming for the stars, but even if we fall a tad short (which I absolutely don’t intend to as long as I am running this venture), I can promise it’ll be a hell of a fun ride!

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