So I’ve been wanting to start something ever since I saw the network 8 years ago and I’ve had bizarre ideas but never really followed through with any of them due to not knowing how I could build it.

Fast forward to now where I attend college for a machine learning degree and I’m pretty knowledgeable about creating apps/websites, I think I’m at a good point.

So I have a couple of questions. My main question as per the title, I have a good for a website and I’m in the process of building it because even if nothing comes out of it, I would have something to put on my resume eventually and something of this caliber should impress well. However once I’m done building it, where do I go from there? The is kind of based around users – meaning in the beginning there won’t be much worth, but as soon as people use it more and more, it’ll grow larger in worth. Kind of like the model of a social site (but its not a social site). Do I have to market this on my own? Is there a company I could go to which can help me with this? This meaning more as to help me grow my /tell me if it could even work. Basically just give me advice?

My second more general question; A couple of ago I had an idea for an which could be compared to Vine. In the beginning, Vine had no revenue at all but the users were able to upload tens of millions of videos onto the platform and they would store all of them. How is this possible? Wouldn’t this require an insane amount of storage/money? Same with YouTube in it’s infancy, everyone and anyone can create and upload videos but I doubt they ran out of the gate throwing ads left and right, so how was this sustainable?


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