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<REMOVED> explainer

I wrote the and I story boarded the <REMOVED> peer to peer insurance video. <REMOVED> is a dead project and I’m not promoting it, just using it as a reference. That video is 285 words in just under 1 min 50 seconds. The best way to an explainer video is to craft the script after answering these specific 12 questions. If you 15 to 30 words for each response which is one to two sentences you should have approximately 270 words which is less than 2 minutes. Do not answer any question with more than 40 words.

Its important to get your target audience correct. My first version of this script was targeting the employee who would be receiving severance benefits. But, I later realized the correct target audience was the employer who would be providing severance benefits. This changed the script by maybe 15% but it changed the story-boarding completely.


Background: Who is your target audience?


  1. What is your idea?
  2. What is the problem + Who is affected?
  3. What is the context + How are they affected + Why is this a difficult problem to solve?

SOLUTION — Gist of the idea

  1. What is the solution + What benefit do those affected receive?
  2. Who is providing the solution?
  3. How is the solution provided + Why is the solution innovative or special?

DEVELOPMENT — Call to action

  1. What does someone need to do to receive this benefit?
  2. How does taking this action benefit those affected?
  3. What are the specific benefits to those affected?


  1. Why is this a problem? What is the pain point? Restate the problem highlighting the pain point.
  2. Why is your idea the cure? What is the cure? Restate your solution as an innovation which solves the pain point.
  3. What is your tagline?

<REMOVED> script — 285 words

PROBLEM (53 words)

  1. <REMOVED> is a peer-to-peer income coverage app which offers a better way to manage severance benefits.
  2. Previously a company’s financial losses meant the severance of employees were cut.
  3. Employees already owned separate individual retirement accounts why can’t severance be more personalized, with a guarantee those funds will be available when employees need them.

SOLUTION — Gist of the idea (69 words)

  1. With <REMOVED> severance funds are protected because ownership belongs to employees, even if they decide to quit, giving workers a greater sense of .
  2. <REMOVED> is not a financial third-party which manages funds. You pay premiums into a contract.
  3. Your employees can later open claims to receive payouts. All transactions are managed securely on the blockchain without the need of a centralized party to ever hold severance funds.

DEVELOPMENT — Call to action (1 words)

  1. Here’s how it works: When a new hire joins your team in a few minutes they can create a new policy through the <REMOVED> website.
  2. Every month using the Ethereum network you can pay premiums into their policy. If an employee loses their job for any reason, so long as they’re looking for work they can open up a claim and receive coverage until they find their next job.
  3. Income coverage is affordable here are some comparisons. What you spent on lunch yesterday could pay for lunch for a month. What you spent on coffee last month could pay for groceries for a month, while an employee looks for work.

CONCLUSION (52 words)

  1. Every employer knows that having to layoff their workforce can be a painful and costly decision.
  2. <REMOVED> gives employers the peace of mind that severance costs are paid for in advance and employees feel secure because they know that their severance benefits belong to them,
  3. making <REMOVED> the sensible choice for severance.

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