I am super new to bitcoin and to be honest am not sure what I’m doing. I needed to buy something via bitcoin, and its recommendation was to download Bitcoin Wallet, so I did that and bitcoin to the receiving address on there, however I didn’t know how much space was needed. So now I have sent the money to my Bitcoin Core address, but the wallet is trying to sync (and its taking forever which apparently is normal) and I’m not even sure my computer has enough space for it all. I read that I should try to it over to , so I have that downloaded. I tried doing the Sweep Keys thing, but every time I try it, it says “no inputs found (note that input needs to be confirmed)”

Can anybody give me a hand here? I unfortunately will need pretty specific instructions..
Thanks 🙂

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thanks you RSS link
( https://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/questions/74031/how-to-transfer--from-bitcoin-core-to-electrum-to--sync-)


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