The preference for freshly squeezed or bottled without added colouring, flavours and preservatives is growing. This makes it a great business opportunity entrepreneurs can explore. Opening a juice business seems easy. You just have to make the juice and sell it.

But beyond preparing your juices, you need to think about so many other things! It’s no secret that starting a business is overwhelming! You need to think about health regulations, juice shelf life, packaging, delivery, and so much more.

It might seem that way, but there are other things you need to take into consideration. Here are some important reminders for a successful fruit juice business.

Find out about the local health laws regarding raw juice

There are different laws regarding the sale of raw juice. For instance, if you are selling the juice wholesale, you need to pasteurize it first. For retail, you can make the raw juice in the same location as it is sold. Contact your local health department if you are not familiar with these regulations, so you will understand them better before starting your business.

Determine the business model to use

There are many ways to sell fruit juices. You can deliver them to your target customers. A brick and mortar business is also possible or a combination of this and wholesale. There are advantages to each business model. You have to determine what the need is in your target and what you can afford to run based on your staff and personal experience in running a business. For starters, a brick and mortar retail store is easier. You can move to bigger business prospects later if you succeed.

Use the right equipment

This is your money maker. Don’t settle for anything less just because you are trying to save money. You will end up spending more elsewhere. Low-quality equipment might also be prone to breaking down. You will need to spend money on replacements or repairs.

Determine your selling price

You need to know how much other stores are selling their fruit juices for. You should also determine the cost based on how much you are getting from your suppliers. The cost per bottle or glass should not be more than 30% of the cost of the ingredients. You need to remain competitive in the by selling the fruit juice at the right price.

Find the best supplier

You need to have the best fruit juice suppliers if you are selling juices in retail or actual fruits if you are making the juice yourself. Again, quality is the priority. You don’t want to sacrifice quality just because you are trying to cut costs. Your customers will know and they will look for other options. Check out various fruit juice manufacturers if you want to avail of high-quality fruit juices for retail purposes.

You can’t expect this business to soar overnight. Nevertheless, you should still push with your plans. This is a viable business especially now that people are becoming more health conscious. Raw fruit juices will always be a good idea for a business.

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