If you the recently released TPCast Wireless Adapter for the and can’t wait to make your virtual reality (VR) experience untethered – but you can’t find a video guide on how to set it up, then you’re in luck. VRFocus has created this little guide and accompanying video to help get you set up and on your way.


The first step is obviously to unbox it, and VRFocus has made a little video for that too here. (Note: During the unboxing the PC transmitter rod and PC transmitter base weren’t found). After that however it’s on to the main event:
Installing the Right Software
  1. Install the TPCast Software for the Oculus Rift on your computer. Restart your computer.
The PC Transmitter
  1. Screw the PC transmitter rod and base together. Attach the PC transmitter onto the support rod and have it face the gaming area (similar to the Oculus sensor).
  2. Plug the PC transmitter power adapter DC plug into the DCIN interface. Insert one end of the HDMI cable into the PC transmitter’s HDMI port and the other into the PC’s HDMI port.
Connecting the Oculus Rift
  1. Taking out cables of the original Oculus Rift by removing the foam bracket.
  2. Plug the HMD strap through the tail end of the helmet’s receiver and out from the front end marked with the letters “TPCAST”. Then, pass  it through the helmet’s wire hole and secure it tightly.
  3. Insert the connectors of the long cable with the Oculus logo into the interface of the Oculus Rift. Plug A1 and A2 connectors into the corresponding interfaces, double check they are secured and plugged in. Re-attach foam bracket and ensure the cables are fit to the user.
Powering up Your Power box
  1. Connect the B1 and B2 plus into the power supply and HDMI ports of the power box (they’re labelled to make it easy).
  2. Plug the battery to the power box. The blue batter light indicates the remaining battery power level (disconnect the batter if it is not being used).
  3. Put the power box with the battery in the portable pack and attach to the strap.
Getting to the Router of Things
  1. Connect the router power adapter and confirm that the the power indicator at the front of the panel is on.
  2. If the PC is to the network via the Ethernet port, disconnect the cable from the PC Ethernet port and connect it to the router’s WAN port. Connect the LAN port of the router to the PC through the supplied network cable.
  3. In the PC’s network connection settings in a Windows system, select ‘Local connection’ to connect to the router. Change the connection of the TCP/IP settings to automatically obtain an IP address and DNS server address.
Double, Triple check everything is connected.


  1. Run the “wireless adapter connection assistant”.
  2. When the wireless connection finishes and reports positive connectivity, launch the Oculus home software.
  3. Enjoy untethered wifi.

If this guide wasn’t clear, VRFocus recruited Thomas Gere from the Realities Centre to set it up and we’ve created a video guide of how to put it together.


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