I’ve been working for the past few on a , using big and coding simulators, and I’ve got the business model worked out and planned. Now, I just need to market my business to what, based upon the I’ve gotten says, I need to remain in terms of .

For context, I give you a short run down about my business. In short, my business is two parts: evidence based health education and a “better than insurance” that demonstrably cuts everyone’s healthcare costs in half. The insurance part has been full scale tested and works, but I’m adding a lot to the current models in place in terms of and value add. So in short, the model has a very high probability of , all I need to do is get members on board. If you’re interested in hearing more about my startup here is its website.

But all that is mostly beside the point. I’m asking here about y’all’s experience on marketing, and your thoughts on the best outlets/methods of marketing so that I can reach members (only ~1000 families) to join so that I can start this up.

I really appreciate your time and am very thankful for your helpful feedback!!

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