One of the dilemmas businesses face is driving to their sites in the face of stiff competition and dwindling human attention span. Having the best content is no longer the only way to get people attracted to your website. You need more than that now.

Driving traffic to your website requires a combination of strategies, top being SEO which a proven way to drive organic traffic to your website. SEO techniques include responsive web design, link building and having the relevant keywords in your content.

In addition to SEO, there are also other ways to traffic to your website including content marketing, media internal links.

Social media

Once the site is created and SEO optimized on site, it is often recommended to create pages on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and many others. By occupying these free communication media, you will be able to give visibility to your brand or business. You will mainly be as close to your target prospects and customers.

The more you are active on these media; the chances of improving your web traffic increase. If you have videos presenting the activity of your business, or you have any type of PowerPoint presentations you want to share, do not hesitate to join content-sharing sites like YouTube and Slideshare.

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing involves sending an email notification to you your subscribers whenever you have new content or important information but be sure to include a link that directs them to your website. In this regard, it is important to have a subscription option on your website if you want to use e-mail marketing to drive traffic to your site.

Guest Blogging

The practice refers to being invited by the editor of a blog to write an article as an expert on a particular topic. The Guest Blogging is therefore based on a “give and take” the guest editor take advantage of the reputation of the blog, which itself can take advantage of the reputation of the author. More importantly, this practice allows the guest to improve its website traffic by inserting links in the text.

However, don’t abuse backlinks provider sites, on pain of being penalized by the search engines. Always remember to provide original and quality content because if your content attracts your reader, there is a good chance that he will visit your website!

Press release

You can have a Pr Marketer write stories for you for a press release. You can use a press to announce a new product or service or important changes in your company like management or office relocation.

Paid traffic

If you are looking for quick results and generate qualified traffic, you can turn to online advertising. Google AdWords, advertising the famous search engine, offers a complete system for conducting PPC campaigns. However, setting up an AdWords campaign cannot be improvised and requires a minimum of knowledge in e-marketing to optimize targeting and improving the impact in terms of traffic and conversion.

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