Whether you’re in your ’s first year or have been around a decade, you should never stop celebrating your ’s . After all, these are your and also those of your employees, and by shedding light on all victories you’re giving a well-deserved ‘thank you’ to everyone involved. To , you are improving morale, showing your thanks and giving your employees a sense of worth. It can also keep employees happy to be working for you, and be a reason that they stay working for you.

You’ll want to ensure your celebrations are great, then. There are many ways to show your appreciation, but you’ll want to find the appropriate means of doing so. Go big or go home, some may say; however, you can also celebrate in small doses. For inspiration on how to celebrate, consider the following:

Thank everyone (and individuals)

A simple thanks could be all that your employees are looking or asking for, however, go one step further and thank them in a means that’ll make them shine. Rather than send them a direct email, be sure to share everyone’s successes with everyone else. You could send out an email praising everyone, while also congratulating certain individuals who truly excelled. For those who surpassed standard expectations, a bottle of champagne or vouchers to a restaurant could also incline others to follow in their footsteps.

Although congratulating individuals can be great, make sure not to upset others or making them feel devalued. To say your thanks to the whole team, take them out for lunch or order a bunch of food into the office. While this may be difficult or too expensive for large corporations, for startups who may only have a small workforce, this is ideal.

Host a party

To host a party is one thing, but to host a party that is otherworldly and spectacular is another. Thorough planning will need to be implemented, and this should be decided upon the month in advance. Not only will there be the hiring of a venue, the catering, drinks and potential booking of hotels and taxis, but you’ll want to forewarn your employees so that they can pencil in the date and be sure to appear.

To make the party planning process easier, look for outside help. For instance, companies like Entertainment Nation can provide you with entertainment such as musical acts and live bands, taking the reins and freeing you up, so that you can concentrate on something else.

Write about your successes

Your business should have a blog on its website, and many social media platforms to share your content on, so what better way to spread the good news? Dedicate time to write a blog post detailing your accomplishments in detail. This is, after all, a momentous occasion, and by sharing your successes with the world, you’re expressing a work culture that values their workforce and work your employees succeed in.

Treat everyone with rewards

If it’s in the budget, then gifting everyone with gift cards or bottles of their favourite alcohol can be a great way to congratulate their efforts and hard work. Go to the office handing out their rewards and make sure to say your thanks in person. It may be tempting to send your intern, but it’ll not only be a great experience for your employees, but it’ll be momentous for you, the employer, to see how happy your employees are with your business.

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