I have been over in “other communities̶; trying to help people understand why Bitcoin is amazing and help them understand that they do in fact have over their money, as do you.

If you are also interested, I encourage you to have a look. My write ups are here, and you can check my comment history for the questions that were asked. I tried to include the responses I made for the most common questions in my documents.

edit: Lots of people commenting on my writing style, saying some really nice stuff..
I am a software developer.
I am not a writer or web designer. I have tried to clean it up. These posts are mainly from me attempting to explain these very difficult topics to an forum , or the comments I received on medium.

It is disjointed, however the main post (All Active Nodes) is not, and I then just try to address the biggest questions I received about them in more medium posts. Thanks!




People brigading me are not happy with what I have to say and cannot respectfully disagree. shrug

you have power. <3. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You cannot Kill Bitcoin. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) XD



How can 1 Active Node “” bitcoin?

It can’t. The single wallet node would have no-one to transact with and no-one to mine their transactions.

There are other miners.

(Basic Bitcoin attack and how it is stopped by both Active Wallet Nodes and Mining Nodes, Together. Also “If there are no miners..Whats the point?!!”) – https://medium.com/@Ben_Harper/a-response-from-a-very-lovely-person-on-reddit-lol-cbec9d4d83be

Bitcoin is because of the accumulation of proof-of-work, which in turn is because of the incentives for miners to not do weird stuff. Wallet nodes have nothing to do with that.

… I disagree – “Active Wallet Nodes” Do in fact ensure the miner is mining a chain that you and other users agree with.. (There are many miners)

It is very possible that there are miners that agree with your wallet node and will mine a chain of blocks that satisfies your demands. However, the problem with your reasoning (“wallet nodes do in fact ensure the miner is mining a chain that you and other users agree with”) is that no such causal relationship exists,

It does. Because you, and other users went to a website.

They downloaded some software.

They then downloaded a cryptographic-ally secured chain.

they adapt their peer to remove nodes disagreeing with them. Your wallet node disconnecting the miner node does not affect market conditions.

Now take this, and really read this .
Not trying to be an asshole just, give it a go.


One website is in control of bitcoin?

A miner doesn’t have to change your node.
A miner also doesn’t have to mine blocks that can be confirmed by your wallet node. There are many nodes. There are many wallets. I have read your article. The reasoning just doesn’t add up.

Okay. Thank you for the comment, the users choose which chain to mine and use.

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