You’ve done all the research and analysis and used it to create compelling content to reach your goals. Much like the authors of books, you now need to spend time promoting your content as well as writing it. Social media is one of the best places for businesses to promote themselves, their content, and their products/services. After all, over 2.5 billion people are regularly using . That’s a third of the population of the Earth! There’s a little more to it than just creating an account and posting on there. Here’s how business can use social for .

Push visual content

It’s a fact of life that tweets with pictures receive more engagement. We all know that photos get more engagement on Facebook. These days we even have social networks built entirely around visual content, such as Instagram and Snapchat. This is because visual content is over 40 times more likely to be shared than other forms of content. Create images for the main points in your content and make them part of your posting strategy. Put together infographics and the like. Embrace the visual.

Increase brand awareness

Given how many people are using social media, it’s the best place to find new customers and improve brand awareness. Around 60% of users on Instagram say that they discovered new brands and products through the platform. Don’t think that only the people who know your business will discuss it on social media. Actually, almost everyone that discusses a brand online (96%) don’t follow the main account of that brand. Even if people aren’t following you they are talking about you, becoming more aware of you, and are more likely to buy from you.

Humanize the brand

A study from the showed that around half of adults will not trust a brand until they see some “real- proof” that the brand is sticking to their promises. You need to show the human side of your business to engage with new and potential customers. How well do you embrace your brand values? Do you even have them? How are you showing that you look out for the best interests of customers and that your products work? One of the main ways that businesses can use social media is to humanize themselves. Let your followers learn more about who is behind the brand and showcase how your customers are benefiting from using your products.

Provide customer support

No matter how good your products are, something will go wrong. It’s inevitable. One bad experience shared online goes a long way. That’s why you need to respond to it properly. The good news is that 71% of people who have a good experience on social media with a brand are more likely to recommend it. Social media is a great customer service tool. Keep an eye out for people who have bad experiences with your products and provide some customer service. It’s the best way to turn a negative into a positive. It shows you really do care about your customers.


There are lots of ways you can go about using social media to better your business. Use it as a promotion tool, engage with customers – old, new, and prospective alike – and provide customer support to give your brand a human face.  Betipy have created an “Internet in Real Time” tool that allows you to easily judge which networks are growing, and where you should invest your time.

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