The manufacturing industry is experiencing major changes as we enter into a fourth “Industrial Revolution” driven by the data tipping point. This new revolution is transforming the interactions humans have with technology, offering unique opportunities and challenges to companies across all industries.

Visionary manufacturers look to capture and manage massive amount of Internet of Things from various sources to improve their business. Using Hortonworks Platform (HDP) and Hortonworks Flow (HDF), manufacturers are able to ingest from all sorts of connected products.

HDP helps manufacturing companies capture data such as work orders, return orders, and quality records. This pairs with HDF for data collected through connected products, including supply chain systems and shop floor sensors.

The insights from data often have a transformational effect on the business reducing time to market, improving quality and customer service. By collecting and analyzing the data, businesses are able to make more informed decisions on which steps will lead to more growth. These insights are gleaned from data-in-motion, as well as historical data that was traditionally trapped in silos.

Avoiding Problems Before They Happen

One example of this in action is through preventative maintenance. Rather than reacting to mechanical issues as they arise, manufactures can take a proactive approach to fixing problems. Machine learning algorithms can compare maintenance events and machine data for each piece of equipment to its history of malfunctions. These algorithms can derive optimal maintenance schedules, based on real-time information and historical data. There is an optimal time for equipment repairs, not too early or too late. This has a massive impact on a company’s bottom line, increasing plant uptime and decreasing costs. With how fast the world moves nowadays, the amount of downtime can have significant ramifications for a business.

Other mission-critical priorities that Big Data helps execute are:

  • Supply chain optimization
  • Yield maximization
  • Quality control
  • Recall avoidance

Hortonworks helps bridge the gap between data technology and physical machinery to enable machine learning for automated smart factories. With these transformations, the manufacturing industry is ushering in a new era of growth.

Check out this video to learn more about how Hortonworks is helping companies in the manufacturing industry manage Big Data.

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