Ever since the web became an intricate and fundamental part of our daily lives, have constantly threatened to disrupt businesses and enrage users. Time and time again, talented entrepreneurs and massive corporations alike have struggled to these attacks, regularly finding themselves one step behind of the nefarious actors who bring down their networks.

These days, however, experts are beginning to harness the power of to help combat DDOS attacks, and are making serious inroads when it comes to developing a safer, more secure internet for everyone. Here’s how big is reshaping as we know it when it comes to DDOS attacks.

The net seems less secure than ever before

Let’s face it; today’s internet is feeling less and less secure by the day, and there’s often little good news when it comes to such things as data security and privacy. Global DDOS attacks are on the rise, and it stands to reason that as the internet grows to become more important economically and politically, such attacks will only grow to become more and more commonplace. Whether they’re trying to extort massive companies, belittle and frustrate smaller websites, or merely anger individuals with R0;

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