Since its inception half a decade ago, has revolutionised everything from football to transportation, and logistics is one of the fields where big brings an incredible potential. The complex and dynamic nature of logistics makes it the perfect use-case for big , and it is the way a lot of organisations operate. It has changed the way we collect, process and analyses , and its disruption is so essential that some even call it “the electricity of the 21st century”, a new kind of power that is transforming businesses, governments and private life.

Information Processing, the Rise of Analytics Platforms

Big data is characterised by the “3V’s” – volume, velocity and variety. The volume is rather self-explanatory: big data wouldn’t be “big” if it weren’t for the huge amount of data collected. The velocity stands for the speed at which data gets generated, while the variety refers to the diversity of sources where data is retrieved from. All this is what is really disrupts the logistics , which had been for a long driven by statistics and performance indicators, now operating with more real- analytics.

The rise of the platform storage made it much easier to store R0;

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