Submit your now for DataWorks Summit Berlin and San Jose

Is your organization hero material?  Well, we certainly think so!  We won’t ask anyone to fly through the air, protect your city or wear a cape & mask, but we will ask you to showcase your organization’s AWESOMENESS!

supports more than 1,300 organizations on their journeys to transform their business with our Connected Data Platforms.   Data Heroes design modern data architectures,  leaders and innovators, who make it all work in the , the data center and out to the edge.

Who are the Data Heroes?

  • A Data Visionary:  who recognizes the potential of Big Data to transform their organization, and leads the business to turn that vision into reality. Winners will show tangible business outcomes that they lead, such as new revenue streams or improvements to customer satisfaction.
  • A Data Scientist: who studies the data, tests and re-tests hypotheses, and creates modern data applications that deliver insights to the organization’s business and its customers. Winners will show how they improved analytics, delivered actionable intelligence, or designed systems for distributed deep learning and artificial intelligence.
  • A Data Architect: who seamlessly and creatively integrates Connected Data Platforms into their organizations infrastructure. Winners will show how their organization optimized their Enterprise Data Warehouse or derived more value from existing IT systems by adding Hortonworks Data either in the data center or in the cloud.
  • A HCC Community Champion: who is instrumental in contributing to the community, sharing their expertise and best practices as an organization, and to help other customer and Hortonworks be successful.  Winner will show how they are champions in the wider community like Hortonworks Community Connection and participate in customer-led meetups.


Hortonworks Data Heroes Nominations are due for Berlin by March 16, 2018 and for San Jose May 18, 2018. Submit yours today!

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