Hi /r/startup,

I am creating a for medical professionals. Currently I’m in the process of scraping all the different state requirements.

I’m from a business school but am working with using R and SQL. Apart from analysis with R and select statements, I’m not too technical. However everything I do is self taught. Presently I have $20k and have two servers each with 200gb+ ram and 2 12 core processors, and one storage server with 7tb storage.

However I’m unsure what to do next. I want to have and a website for my customers. But I don’t know much about development and servers.

  • Should I developers right away to start the app and/or website?
  • Should I the servers and rent servers from ?
  • Should I develop the apps and website myself and use the money for advertisements (booth at medical conference can cost $10k+)?

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