Hi guys!

I’m a -year old freshman at UC San Diego, and I’m just about to get my first startup, Galiboo, off the ground, which actually started as an infectious side project about 2 ago during 10th grade.

I’ve always been a huge music listener, but around 10th grade, I began to realize that discovering & sharing the music I love became quite a manual process that involved a lot of manual searching & playlisting.

In short, I found the countless music services that exist today (whether its Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Youtube Red, etc.), to have more or less the same function: to curate a catalog of millions of tracks in one central location, that their users can then browse, search, & (which actually revolves around a lot of manual work for users).

As a result, I thought it would be cool to create a music streaming service that worked differently:

  • One that focused on less searching, and more listening.

  • One that could automagically bring its users the music they love, when they needed it, so that they didn’t have to manually playlist & search for songs–whether it’s motivational tracks for kicking butt at work, or relaxing music for unwinding after a long day.

  • One that could make sharing music with friends as fun & easy as a single tap.

And so, I set out to build one.

I’ve been passionately working on this project since 10th grade, primarily building the “music-understanding” AI that powers this service, enabling it to understand the music tastes of its users at an unparalleled level.

And now, I’ve almost finished building the beta version of the app, and I thought it would be awesome to get your thoughts & feedback on this idea/startup!


Thank you so much in advance for giving me your feedback!

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